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Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan New Bollywood Movie

Mahavir wants to capture land of a locality with help of Tyagi but its quite to impossible due to Bhaijaan who considers locality as his family.Bhaijaan leaves with his three brothers Love,

Moh and Ishq and all are bachelors as Bhaijaan himself never married but all three brothers are in love and want to get married and want to rebel against Bhaijaan.

They find out from Nadeem Chacha that all of them are orphans and Bhaijaan took care of them and scarified his love for Bhgaya so the love between brothers couldn’t be divided.

The brothers decide to find Bhagya but realize that now she is married with grown up kid.Then enters another Bhagya in their locality where the brothers try to get her close to Bhaijaan so that their line is clear Bhaijaan and Bhagya fall in love and plan to marry.

Bhagya tells Bhaijaan that she has a huge family in Hyderabad and her brother Bala (Balakrishna Gundamaneni) hates violence like Bhaijaan.

While Bhagya and Bhaijaan are traveling to meet Bala in Hyderabad they are attacked by some rival goons in Delhi Metro where Bhaijaan and his brothers bash all the goons violently which shocks Bhagya.

Bhagya tells Bhaijaan that her brother wont ever approve their relationship so he will have to give his way of living.But to everyone’s surprise Tyagi discloses that the attack was not of Bhaijaan but on Bhagya from Bala’s old rival

Nageshwar who wants to eliminate her whole family.Bhaijaan then travels to Hyderabad with his brothers promising Bhagya that now its his responsibility to save her family

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