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Sooryavansham – Blockbuster Hindi Film | Amitabh Bachchan, Soundarya | Bollywood Movie | 

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Heera fails to live up to expectations of his father Thakur Bhanupratap Singh, a powerful and respected man of his community. Despite all odds Heera struggles to keep his father’s pride.

  • Directors
    • E.V.V. Satyanarayana
    • Pranavanand (co-director)
  • Writers
    • Vikraman(story)
    • Aadesh K. Arjun (dialogue)
    • E.V.V. Satyanarayana (screenplay)
Amitabh BachchanBhanupratap Singh / Heera Singh
SoundaryaRadha Heera Singh
JayasudhaSharda (as Jaya Kapoor)
Mukesh RishiDeshraj Thakur / Kevda Thakur
Anupam KherDharmendra (Mindra)
Kader KhanMajor Ranjeet Singh
Shivaji SatamRadha’s Father
Bindu DesaiMona (as Bindu)
Rachana BanerjeeGauri
AnandavardhanSonu (as Master Ananda Vardhan)
Rajesh KhattarVarun Singh
Aahuthi PrasadKaran Singh (as Ahuthi Prasad)
Neelima AzimMrs. Singh (Varun’s Wife)
Delhi Rajeshwari(as Delhi Rejeshwari)
Chalapathi RaoPolice Commissioner S. Chandra Kanth
Ishaan KhattarRajesh Khattar’s baby girl
Gangadhar PandayCards playing villager
Mamilla Shailaja Priya
Naushaad AbbasFighter (uncredited)
Imran KhanArjun Thakur, Deshraj’s son (uncredited)
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Due to the respects he has for his subjects; Thakur Bhanu Pratap Singh rules over his region with fairness and thus any decision he makes on behalf of the villagers holds weight. He lives with his wife Sharda, three sons with Heera being the youngest son, who is uneducated and for this very reason he is black-listed by his dad. When Heera abducts a girl name Radha from a respectable family and marry her this defame his family more prompting Bhanu Pratap to turn him out of the house. In a short while Heera and his wife Radha struggles to make ends; with the advent of a bus service Heera is now a wealthy man and Radha is now the collector. He continues to climb the ladder of success by inaugurating a charitable hospital in his dad’s name but another calamity destructs him when he became the prime suspect for poisoning his dad’s Kheer.


great story

Great Movie, specially in both characters of Amitabh, in a father and in a son, really great.

In reality how a father feels for a son, and a son what feels after being taunted by father, both characters are superb in the movie, and songs are also a plus point.

I appreciate the story writer and the directer for bringing this issue up on the screen. and acting of Amitabh, Kay Kenna.

The others also play nice roles, and they didn’t bother the story.

A little comedy is essential in the story, so there is.

Amitabh as Heera, suits him. I would like to say all the fathers to see this movie.

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